Character Details - Halten

Written by Willow SilverwingCreated : 2-Feb-2006 11:21:22 pm
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Age:  45
Height: 6' 2"
Hair: Long, wavy, dark brown
Eyes:  Light blue

Believes all he needs is Merlin's Book of Magic and he will be able to take over the World of Merlin and anywhere else he so wishes.

Using the first post with Halten to give you and idea who and what and why...well maybe a little bit of those three things. 

The healing had taken a lot longer than he had planned. Gods it had hurt.  It had hurt worst then when he went over the cliff.  Worst then when he hit bottom and every bone in his body had been broken.  It had taken years to heal, rebreaking, resetting of bones so that he would heal correctly, to walk normal to stand tall once again.  No mage or healer had wanted to touch him.  The trolls that had found him.  Took pity on him and had secreted him away and found the old crone who healed him.

Then there had been the anguishing hours to reconstruct his face.  Only, it wasn’t his own face that appeared.  He had made sure that a stranger looked back at him in the mirror.  He was a stranger even to himself.

The years had given him more to time to think.  To plot.  To hate. A hate that totally consumed him.  The old crone had tired to talk him into changing and not hating.  He had listened to her words, over and over through the years.  Till the day she pronounced that he was ready to face the world again.  Then he had reached out and crushed the breath from, silencing her words forever.  He had no need for her.  He had used her to gain what he needed.

Now he could truly focus his hate on the one who had thwarted his plans. She had wrecked everything.  Every damn thing.  The Book should have been in his hands, it should have gone to the one who had requested it.  But that stupid woman had bested him. Tripped him up.  There had been a knight too.  Fools both of them.  Fools. He could have had ruled this world…it had been promised to him. Instead, nothing. 

Coming towards the Inn he saw two young people coaxing some deer.  He hurried past them and made his way to the door.  Looking up at the sign he knew he had found the right place, The Dragon Inn. His sources had said she could be found here.  It had taken fourteen years to find her. 

Pushing open the door he strode in and looked about.  He didn’t recognize anyone at first, till his eyes rested at the man in black at the bar.  There stood the knight.  Good.  She must be close by.  He looked around his eyes searching, looking at each woman there, then settling on a form.  Pure cold unadulterated hate consumed him.  He had found his prey.

Pulling himself together he calmly walked over to the bar and stood next to Drake.  “Hello, I’m new to the area.  I was told this the Dragon Inn is the place to stay.  Who do I ask about a room and some repast?”

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