Character Details - Enthalei

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Physical Description:


Meaning of Name:



Apparent Age (if different):

: 6'3

: brickshit house

light brown

*Eye colour: bright blue


*Identifying Marks (if present):

anything that offers ease of movement

Personal Items usually carried:
various weapons and equipment when necessary.

Personal Information:

hardass in a nut shell. Enthalei is a warrior through and through. He follows orders, does as he's told and doesn't question anything that comes from a superior.


*Skills and Abilities:
strength speed and agility of the demonii, and water manipulation, trained fighter, and in various forms of weaponry.

*Weapons Used:
his abilities and he's well trained in various forms of weaponry

Background Information:

Previously hermaphrodites with no sexual inclinations, the two sexes made one, existing in total harmony internally, it is only since their arrival on Nocturne that the Demonii have found themselves split into the male and female genders, with the sexual impulses that they had previously been lacking. It is frequently their eyes that betray their true nature, the iris possessing a luminosity that is not seen in humans. Enthalei is no different from others of his kind although he tends to be less conspicuous about his tastes.

*Marital Status:

none he's willing to admit to


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Gale Harlod