Character Details - Vesyeri

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Physical Description:


Meaning of Name:

*Race: Nephillium

*Age: unknown

Apparent Age (if different): 20

*Height: 6'2

*Build/Weight: lithe agile

*Hair: brown

*Eyes: bright green

Complexion: pale. creamy

*Identifying Marks (if present):

Clothing: leather preferrably

Personal Items usually carried: nothing

Personal Information:

*Personality: sarcastic, caustic and flippant to anyone not a seraphii. He hates his human side, and does everything in his power to prove that he's not like his mother, especially to those who have the power to give him what he wants. When he's working he's charming and charismatic, but it's all a front.

*Occupation: 'prophet'

*Skills and Abilities: weaker than a seraphii, his powers are similar to that of the clerical class. When he speaks he's quite persuasive, and is able to influence others with their words. This is in part due to the power of suggestion, and the success will vary depending on how suggestible the other individual is.

*Weapons Used: none he's not much of a fighter

Background Information:

*History: The offspring of a sexual encounter between a Demonii or a Seraphii and the humans of Nocturne, they are viewed by many with some degree of abhorrence and considered to be freaks of nature or abominations. However, whilst they may not be trusted, the Seraphii and Demonii consider that at least some have their uses. Vesyeri's mother was human, as soon as he was old enough he ran, searching for his father. A task made nearly impossible since his mother didn't know his name. Unfortunately, Vesyeri took after his mother in many of his looks, only the slight luminesent quality to his eyes gives away he's not what he is. Now he is currently working as a prophet for the Seraphii, in the hopes that they might tell him who is father is, and if not, perhaps give him the chance to raise a child of his own. Humans are nothing to him and he curses his human half the longer he must deal with them and not be classed as one of the seraphii.

*Marital Status: Single

*Children: none

*Bonds: none

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Hal Sparks