Character Details - Koremar Dryear'Athem

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Physical Description:

Koremar Dryear'Athem

Meaning of Name:
Black honour Champions of The dragons

Aruinnbith Human

techinically dead

Apparent Age (if different):


220/ muscular


white/pale blue


*Identifying Marks (if present):
old bond mark on his back in a celtci knot scar across his midsection killing blow brand on the side of his face, the mark Maidar uses to control him

pitch black armour

Personal Items usually carried:
huge sword

Personal Information:

before his death he was bright and funny and one of the kindest and most honour bound humans many people had ever met. Since his death and subsequent reserection Kor is battle harden and bound by Maidar to follow the wizard in all things


*Skills and Abilities:
Magic user although this magic is strange and tainted and is used to call the dragons was given by Maidar into his service. Skilled with blade and bow, and is already dead so killing him requires more than wounding, his life force is tied to Maidar's

*Weapons Used:
sword given to him by Tahl although he doesn't remember that.

Background Information:

raised as the son of the protectorate of the human city of Tineral'Athonen, Kor grew up and fell in love with his childhood friend Tahl. They accidently bonded quite early in their life. He was sixty five when they occured. Life was simple until he was little over two hundred. A wizard tried to kill Tahl although it's still unclear as to why or how. In order to save Tahl he sacrificed himself. He woke a month later with no memory of Tahl or the bond although the mark is still there it's empty and cold. He still has the wound in his chest that killed him although currently it's blocked by a stone etched with arcane ruins that keep him alive. The ruins trail across his skin and connect to a branding on his cheek that Maidar uses to communicate with him.

*Marital Status:


dead bond to Tahl, bond to Maidar keeping him alive and in check

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