Character Details - Drake Silverwing

Written by Drake Silverwing


Name: Drake Cole Aka. Drake Silverwing.

Age: 348 years old.

Race: Human, though he still looks 50.

Description: Male, 6'4" tall with long black and silver peppered hair, coral blue eyes, and a long handlebar mustache. Deep tanned features, broad, muscular shoulders, arms and legs.

Large hands that can be gentle to the touch, or as strong as a vice. He has a well rounded sense of humor, and laughs at times. Been known to blush around the ladies and has never taken a mate, though he is still looking. He is quiet and shy, and never looks for trouble, but it finds him easy enough.

He normally wears black pants, leather or jeans material, white, long sleeved shirt with pearl black buttons. A sleeveless black leather vest with two small pockets, and a hidden pocket near his heart. Short black boots, tipped with silver at the toe and heels of the boot.

Weapon of choice: A long, thick blade that he calls 'Selina'. She is a living stone that's set in the hilt of the blade. She ~speaks~ to him though no one else can hear her, unless she wishes it. Drake wears her over his right shoulder, where she can watch his back.

Occupation: Knight of the Crystal Rose. Last of his kind as far as he knows. His Mother had passed away when he was young, by a fever. His father died during a great battle, though Drake heard he had drank himself to death. Later in life he found that was not so. He was given his fathers blade, and soon learned that the blade carried a living stone by the name of Selina.

Soon he was welding Selina like a pro, and took Silverwing as his last name, to honor his parents wish. A great battle erupted during the first year of joined the Knighthood, and he was thrown into battle while riding Silverwing.

A Wizard using dark magic conjured up Dark Demons that killed all the Knights, Except Drake. Silverwing the Dragon used her body as a shield, stopping the death blow that would have killed him, and with her dying body, crushed the Wizard and his staff of darkness.

Drake awoke alive, but everywhere he searched, he only found the bodies of his fellow Knights and the dragons they once rode. Pulling the medallions from each of the Knights bodies, he erected a tomb and placed them inside. There he sat and prayed over them for a year before getting up to follow the path to find a mate, or a friend that he felt would take the medallion and use it for good.

He placed all of the medallions inside the tomb, and locked them tightly with a number of wards and spells. He kept the one that was offered to him,that he wears around his neck when he first became a Knight, and his best friends, Mitch's.

The Medallion: Made from Quicksilver, melted from a Dragons breath, and forged from a Dwarves hammer, the medallion is capable of forming a liquid armor around its wearer. It is capable of withstanding the greatest of blows from any weapon, and holds magical properties that slows the aging process, giving the wearer the ability of staying young forever. It also passes on it's magical abilities to the wearer, giving them magic passed down from each fallen Knight that's used it before.

It's shape is a form of a blue-silver Rose, the stem flows down from the petals with two thorns, one sticking out each side of the stem. One for his mother, and one for him.

It's only weakness is Dark Magic. It yields to anything born out of Dark Magic.

Drake still holds the oath of the Knighthood in his heart. He would never think of using his skills or powers for evil. Only for good.

Later on in life he stumbled across a young and very beautiful women by the name of Willow Merlin. At first glance he fell madly in love with her, and vowed that she would be his wife. After a short whirl wind courtship, they were married on the 14th of Febuary.

Willow now wears Mitch's Medallion, forged into a lovers knot pendent. They are soon expecting a small bundle of joy.

Father - William Gareth Cole
Mother - Marie Cole
Brother - Jack (Cole) Steelhand

Daughter - Xaria "Sierra" Silverwing
Aramere(Aran) Drake Silverwing - Dragon, son of Silverwing

Website: The Realm of the Silverwings


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