Character Details - Azara (Nocturne Version)

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Name: Azara
Meaning of Name: Fire
Race: Demonii
Caste: Warrior                                 
Age: Ageless
Apparent Age: 25  
Height: 5' 5"                                
Build/Weight: Slim but strong                  
Hair: Red curls falling to the middle of her back
Eyes: Turquoise                                
Complexion: Alabaster                       
Identifying Marks (if present): None          
Clothing: Favours leather and PVC, the more skin-tight the better.
Marital Status: Lover of Malik
Children: None
Bonds: None

Skills and Abilities: Able to control and create fire.

Weapons Used: Rarely uses weapons other than fire, but will occasionally use a blaster

Personality: Independent, fiery and quick to anger

Other Information:

Previously hermaphrodites with no sexual inclinations, the two sexes made one, existing in total harmony internally, it is only since their arrival on Nocturne that the Demonii have found themselves split into the male and female genders, with the sexual impulses that they had previously been lacking. These impulses are ones that Azara is entirely willing to indulge and many affairs, generally short-lived and purely sexual in nature, have been the result. The most recent of these is with an incubus half-breed by the name of Malik whom she met during a stay in Thanatos. To date, this relationship has lasted longer than many of her others, and is a source of a number of rumours amongst other Demonii who, unaware of Malik's precise heritage, believe him to be her 'Seraphii slave'.

A member of the warrior caste, Azara possesses above average speed and agility, as well as being far stronger than her relatively petite form would suggest. She is particularly skilled in the manipulation of fire.

It is frequently their eyes that betray the true nature of a Demonii, the iris possessing a luminosity that is not seen in humans. Exotic colours are also not uncommon; and in this Azara is no different. Her own eyes are a vivid turquoise blue that seem particularly striking in contrast to her alabaster-pale skin and crimson curls. Her wings, when they are seen as she is skilled in concealing them, are a pure snow-white.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Raelee Hill as Sikozu