Character Details - Vaedel

Written by GhetsuhmCreated : 22-Jan-2006 10:24:51 pm
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Vaedel is a male Seraphii of the Warrior Class. While he's bright, he tends to be unimaginative and monomaniacal in his devotion to his cause, whatever that happens to be. He is determined and will never be persuaded away from a course once he's decided on it. When he speaks, his voice is quiet, level, and reassuring.

Vaedel is handsome in a manner attractive to many humans, except for a couple of small flaws. He has short wavy dark blond hair, pale skin, and slim hips, with an almost waif-like expression in repose. The most striking thing about him are his eyes, a strange glowing dove gray, lit from inside. What you find after a while, though, is that the light isn't thought or affection, but fanaticism. He has that disconcerting inner energy and focus you often get in charismatic preachers. His wings are the same pale translucent gray. He habitually dresses in pale colours, especially white and gray.

He's an accomplished fighter, and practises as meditation. He's lithe more than brutally strong, and specialises in Fire manipulation. His favoured weapon is a hand and a half sword, though he never uses a shield, or even much defense and actually almost enjoys being wounded - it's purging. Given that, he's also quite happy to fight hand to hand or with smaller blades.

By normal 'human' standards, Vaedel is insane, though you'd only realise just how much after talking to him for several hours.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Ian Somerhalder