Character Details - Lorn Del'Nar

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Name: Lorn Del'Nar

Age: 805

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 275lbs

Eye: Ale

Hair: Tawny

Clan: Lion ~ Shiala Musra ~ Chief

Life: Ce'Yar (3)

Bonds ~ Neuth'Aer ~ Rhiannon K'Tral, Fei'Lo (with children from Marentar/Tarshawn when they are finally born)

Markings ~ Shallow bite mark on his left shoulder near the crook in his neck from Rhiannon.

A felinumeara 'D' in the middle of his chest from his younger brother ?

Appearance: Standing six feet eight inches Lorn is no small kitty with his tawny pelt and wild golden mane of hair. His eyes are a the color of freshly brewed ale and they almost always hold a touch of seriousness in their depths, however, if he is angry or in an ill mood you will know with just one look. The best way to describe his body build is to say that he is built like a brick Sh*t House all rippling muscles exuding an air of power and strength that is difficult to ignore.

Demeanor: Being Shiala Musra and responsible for all in his clan Lorn is an incredibly accepting soul believing that in acceptance comes understanding. He takes his responsibilities to heart diligently making 100% certain that all under his care are well taken care of in all areas of life. However, this is not to say that Lorn can not be light hearted and easy going as he knows that all work and no play makes Lorn a dull boy. *g*

Abilities: As all felinumeara Lorn is well accomplished in the natural fighting style of his people, tooth and claw. In addition to this he is adequate with a spear and bow. However his greatest ability is in his ability to see both sides of every coin and to come to a fare conclusion.

History: Lorn has lost his first two lives in daga (komorryn) raids on the central village. His up bringing was much like any other young felinumeara. When he finished his education he was chosen as Shia’kno and thus served his time in The Temple. Among one of the first females he serviced was Vella An’Dros. Despite his better judgment Lorn gave his heart to this female who is the mother of five of his children. Over the course of several years Lorn sought to please her in whatever way Vella ask so that she would choose him as a mate. Getting the feeling he was being used Lorn confronted the lady and was informed that because his genealogy was not notable enough he would never be acceptable as a mate. After that Lorn stayed away from those of the female persuasion.

Then Rhiannon K’Tral came into his life. Since their meeting on the river bank over four hundred years ago Lorn has never thought of taking a mate as he fell in love with the erratic, irrational, and volatile tiger female. When he met Marentar/Tarshawn, a half-drow half dragon lady she piqued his interest and Lorn figured that perhaps he should try one more time since Rhiannon would never be his as she was not of his clan. After coupling with her and conceiving children the lion male followed her to the underdark where he discovered the horrors of drow society. Lorn remained solely for his children his sense of family loyalty, responsibility as a parent, and his love for his offspring preventing him from doing otherwise until his children were old enough to either take care of themselves or choose to leave with him. Every moment with the drow, however, changed the lion male in ways that no one has yet discovered.

Upon returning from the underdark Lorn embraced his home and his people with a greater appreciation than he once had after having to suffer through the deceptive, devious, and dangerous nature of drow, although, he still has nightmares on occasion.

Currently the lion lord has taken into his care and family an escaped slave by the name of Cerise Noir, who has opted to take Lorn's last name as her own. As always Lorn feels a great protectiveness for the lady due mostly to the face she has been so ill used by those of her kind. Wanting to show her that all male's are not as those that abused her the lion chief strives to teach Cerise the ways of his people and help her to understand everyone has choices in life.

Children with Marentar:

Solen(Soul In) - Male
Draong Name= Ustssussunsolenmurrpausu'ardagashenadardalmarentardlorn
Meaning: Bright eyed feline dragon first born of Marentar and Lorn.

Isilme (eye sill me) -Male
Dragon Name= Isilmean'arsu'ardagamurrpaudradashendardalmarentardlorn
Meaning: Moonlight Dancer dragon feline second born of Marentar and Lorn

M'elzar(Mel zar)-Female
Dragon Name= Knif'rtm'elzarmurrpaumearasu'ardagallarnbussshendaralmarentardlorn
Meaning: Glowing Mage feline elf dragon third born of Marentar and Lorn

Quen(ka win) -Female
Dragon Name= Quenarraeh'linarmurrpausu'ardagamearashendaralmarentardlorn
Meaning: Fierce warrior feline dragon elf fourth born of Marentar and Lorn

X'yor(zeh your) - Male
Dragon Name= X'yordevargarethtatralmurrpausu'ardagahuelarshendaralmarentardlorn
Meaning: Odd colored strong willed feline dragon fifth born of Marentar and Lorn

Shendara(shin dar ah)- Female
Dragon Name= Butenavartosu'ardagameararraunarshendaralmarentardlorn
Meaning: Sweet tempered dragon elf sixth born of Marentar and Lorn

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