Character Details - Jusnar K'Tral

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Name: Jusnar K’Tral

Age: 4000

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 275lbs

Eye: Blue

Hair: Black

Clan: Tiger ~ Shiala Musra ~ Chief

Life: 2


Felo ~ Kellin De'Strana ~ his son

Aer'Tamdo~ Aloysius Del'Nar

Appearance: Standing six feet four inches Jusnar makes an impression when he walks into a room, however, it is more the wisdom that seems to seep from every pore in his being more than his physical appearance that gets others attention. Due to his great age the tiger clan chief’s pitch colored hair is just beginning to frost at the temples though that is the only sign that he is older than his seeming youthfulness would have you believe.

Jusnar for all his long years bears no visible scars or other markings and the ones he does have are well hidden beneath his burnt orange and onyx striped pelt. He is very broadly built with well-defined perfectly toned muscles. Pitch hair is worn shoulder length and usually falls between his shoulder blades in a plait or braid. If you look into his blue eyes you will see wisdom beyond most others comprehension though they always sparkle with congeniality. His features are very typical of his races being all planes and sharp angles with a slight softening around his lips as they seem to be a bit fuller then a males lips should be. Generally speaking he, like the others of his race, wear’s no clothes, but when he is asked to cover himself he always wears a burnt orange loin cloth the same color as the orange of his pelt.

Demeanor: Being Shiala Musra and responsible for all in his clan Jusnar is an incredibly accepting soul of the differences that individuals tend to have. He takes his responsibilities to heart diligently making 100% certain that all under his care are well taken care of in all areas of life. In addition to this he brooks no argument about his orders or decisions when it comes to his clan. His word is considered Law and there are few that would ever contest it, but he is also known to be incredibly fair, patient, and wise giving almost no reason for anyone to wish to contest his decisions in the end.

In light of how seriously Jusnar takes his position and responsibilities one would think he is a serious sort of soul, this however is not true. Jusnar is just as easy to laugh and have a good time as any other felinumeara. He enjoys a good story and a bit of friendly companionship just as much as the next male. It is in truth Jusnar’s ability to laugh at himself and be amused when others would be cross or insulted that makes him such a good leader. It is also the reason his great age has not caused him to become jaded.

Abilities: As all felinumeara Jusnar is well accomplished in the natural fighting style of his people, tooth and claw. In addition to this he is adequate with a spear and bow. However his greatest ability is in his ability to see both sides of every coin and to come to a fare conclusion.

History: It would be foolish to try and chronicle near four thousand years of history, however, I will give you the highlights.

Jusnar was born to Lothon K’Tral and Ayana Yev’Noviena and is the great great great great uncle of Rhiannon and her siblings. He was given his post of Shiala Musra at the age of 1271 when his mentor Tei’Ahk passed into Madra’Ka. Before that he spent the majority of his time as Shiala Ni in the tiger village and lead a very typical life.

Okay.. gonna get back to this .. he’s had a long life and I gotta think about what he would have experienced and what he would not have experienced of felinumeara history.

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