Character Details - Liam MacInnes

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Name: Liam MacInnes

Age: 230 (appears no older than early forties)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 255 lbs.

Race: Human

Home World: Ucatha 7

Planet of Residence: CathEska

Appearacen: Liam is average looking though is brown eyes do tend to hold a touch more mirth then most peoples. His features are nothing remarkable and in truth he’s one of those people you know is there but generally forget about until he actually speaks. His thinning brown hair is worn short cropped and as the proprietor of the Lazy Lizard his clothes are homespun trews, shirt, and sturdy boots. Over all of this Liam wears a leather apron for those times when he is working in the kitchen.

Demeanor: Liam is a friend congenial sort of man who tends to view the whole world them break it down into its working pieces. As a bar tender he tends to allow bygones to be bygones and keep the peace as much as possible. As a man, however, he gentle, kind, and soft spoken. He, however, has no issue with letting his thoughts and opinions be known though he also realized there is a time and place for such things.

Abilities: Liam’s skills are extremely varied as he grew up on the rugged farming colony of Ucatha 7 which has a very old west feel to it. All the colonists of his home world get up at the crack of dawn and don’t stop working until the sun has set. All his life Liam has worked with his hands so he is very adept at farm work of all kinds as well as hunting, tracking, butchering, and cooking. Among his more interesting abilities is his knowledge of technology … more specifically computers, simulators, and space ships.

Liam’s job is as a Protector, or at least that is what the Ucathian’s call it. Because of this he has been trained to pilot several different types of spacecrafts and do maintenance on all their operating systems making the homely bartender very self sufficient. He can also shoot just about any weapon you give him from a laser gun to a bow and arrow as well as weild a knife.

Weaknesses: Liam’s only real weakness is a woman’s tears. Like most men he just can’t stand to see a woman suffer. It tears at his heart and ignites his protectiveness, but not to the point where he will lose his cool. Liam will, however, offer any female comfort when she cries in his presence and go out of his way to staunch the flow of her tears.

History: Liam was raised much the same as any child who lived in the old west of the United States between the 1700 & 1800 would have been raised. He learned to take care of animals, plow fields, clean house, bake, and basically lead a very simple life. Then the Kurn came to his home world forcing the colonists there to return to using the technology they had forsaken generations ago in an effort to help defend themselves from the ruthlessness of the shape shifting race of humanoids trying to take over their home. It was during this time that Protectors came into being.

Protectors are a group of specially trained men and women whose only purpose is to find the Kurn on whatever world they happen to occupy and destroy them. Liam was recruited and trained as a Protector just after his forty first birthday. One of the perks of being a Protector is that your life is extended well past the average life span for a human by genetic manipulation. Instead of living an average of 100 years most Protectors live to be between the ages of four or five hundred. Liam has been hunting and destroying the Kurn for almost two hundred years. During the Kurn invasion Liam wife was taken and his two sons were killed in the fighting.

Currently Liam owns the Lazy Lizard inn on CathEska. His life for the most part is simple seeing to and taking care of the needs of strangers. His real jobs, however, is to gather information on Argus from any traveler who happens through his inn and pass that information on to Lillian. Together they hope to finally come up with a way to rid the multi-verse of Argus’ sick and twisted presence.

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