Character Details - Brayden Del'Nar

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Name: Brayden Del'Nar

Age: 705

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 275lbs

Eye: Warm Amber

Hair: Tawny

Clan: Lion ~ Shia Ni ~ Feasting

Life: Aer'Hon (1)


Fei'Lo with  his father Lorn Del'Nar
Unknown bond with Nohla K'Tral

Appearance: Standing six feet eight inches Brayden is no small kitty with his tawny pelt and wild golden mane of hair which he almost always wears loose to hang about his shoulders though he will pull it pack into a braid when planning or preparing an event. His eyes are the color of warm amber when the light shines through it giving them a somewhat fierce appearance. Much like his father Lorn, if Brayden is angry or in an ill mood you will know with just one look. The best way to describe his body build is to say that he is built like a brick Sh*t House all rippling muscles exuding an air of power and strength that is difficult to ignore.

Demeanor: Being Shia Ni Brayden has many heavy responsibilities that rest upon his shoulders and he takes each and everyone of them very seriously. Some might think that feasting is an odd thing to be a Shia or Shia Ni for, however, the felinumeara take their celebrations very seriously since each one is sacred to them. With his well organized mind Brayden is the perfect male for the job of making sure that all is in order for any celebration and Quitrick, his superior, has come to rely on him heavily in all things.

Abilities: As all felinumeara Brayden is well accomplished in the natural fighting style of his people, tooth and claw. In addition to this he is adequate with a spear and bow. However his greatest ability is to see an entire picture in his mind and slowly pick it apart so that he may also see all the components that make up that picture coming to an understanding of how they all fit together.

History: Surprisingly Brayden has never lost one of his nine lives though throughout his life there have been numerous raids by the daga (now known as the komorryn) upon his village and he is by no means a truly stellar warrior. He spent most of his youth studying hard to learn all the Shia's and his father could teach him. More than anything Brayden wanted to make his father proud. When he was chosen as Shia Mei'jar he could not have been more pleased with his accomplishments until of course he was selected as Shia Ni.

As a servant of his goddess Brayden has been spared the need to serve as Shia Kno in The Temple and thus the lovers he's taken have been of his own choosing with the children being what felinumeara term as Ustro'Fei or Love Baby. From the moment each of his children was born Brayden has been there for them helping, guiding, teaching as his father did with him and his siblings. In some cases this first son of Lorn has been known to drop everything he is doing, even it if is work related to his office, to see to the needs or desires of one of his children. To Brayden as with those of his race there is nothing more important then his family.

After agreeing to help his father in seeing to the needs of Cerise by allowing the young woman to live with him Brayden found the request to be odd, but feeling that he should not pry as his sire tends to be a very private individual Brayden took his duty seriously and watched over Cerise as requested hoping to discover what was really going on between Lorn and the human female since his father seemed to care so very much for her.

In one attempt to help both himself and Cerise gain some understanding into what was causing Lorn to behave so uncharacteristically possessive of Cerise Brayden asked for a kiss.  When Lorn unexpectedly walked in he nearly killed his son and as it was ripped him to shreds.  Lorn was punished for his behavior by The Great Weaver for doing such to his son and breaking weaving law.

After that and with the arrival of Kellin De'Strana back into the village Brayden instantly liked the tiger male and the two formed a close friendship eventually forming an Aer'Tamdo bond while also forming an Nueth'Aer bond with Cerise as both males fancied her. 

After the unexpected death of his father, Kellin, left to take care of The Mayor of Rumleigh leaving Brayden and Cerise to finally fulfill their own desires where each other were concerned.  With that ending in catastrophy Brayden was left confused about human's in general. 

Lorn having spoken to his son about this saught to introduce him to the mate of X'Hart K'Tral, Salome knowing her to be a very honorible and intelligent human female the lion Shiala Musra thought she might be able to help his son greatly.  So, while at the feast celebrating the changing of hte seasons from summer to fall Lorn introduced them, but it was Nohla, X'Hart's daughter that got the most of Brayden's attenion.

Noting that the young tiger female seemed to be dealing with some issues Brayden asked her to dance.  During the course of their dance Brayden tactfully discovers that Nohla is attracted to her brother Keinan's best friend Kinth after reassuring her that she should speak to her father about this X'Hart comes over to find out what is going on and though Nohla does speak with him about it in the end Brayden also has a few words with the tiger male.

After Keinan is asked to take his sister home the alarm is sounded through the K'Tral family and their friends that on the way back to the hut the pair has run across a tiger couple being intimate and it has thrust Nohla into her heat early.  Brayden is sent to find two other tiger males for Nohla to choose from, but in the end only finds Lurz Rumaii. 

With the tiger male in tow he shows up at the K'Tral huts and as everyone leaves to go to Rhiannon's hut to sit vigil X'Hart askes Brayden to check on Nohla for him.  Upon entering the hut Nohla leave's Lycion finding Brayden much more agreeible to couple with and though the lion male resists as it is taboo in the end the pair not only end up coupling but also bonding and Nohla is impregnanted. 

The Weaver shows up and swares all present to silence then takes Brayden as the second weaving law has been broken and it cannot be ignored.

Note: Brayden has only fathered one female child: Oliana Ta'Shey

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