Character Details - Ghetsuhm Riker D'Riel

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Ghet, the Cliff Notes version

Appearance: 5'6", blue eyes, long dark red hair with a white streak, medium build

Normal equipment: Ghet always wears her emerald engagement ring and her S'Hean wedding armband. On 'adventures', she carries twin shortswords over her shoulders. That's the only time you'll see her in trousers, too: normally, she wears dresses.

Temperament: Generally, light-hearted and generous, flirty, mischievous, open and friendly with strangers. Displays occasional brief bursts of temper in the right circumstances.

Wife of Y'Roden D'Riel, mother of Marius Agrippa, Rhagi D'Riel, Aarien Alcarin, and R'Avyen and Den'Ayat D'Riel.

Ghet, the mid-week movie version

Ghetsuhm (Joy of a Summer Morning) Brigid Riker D'Riel
about 140 lbs (65 kg)
Denim blue eyes, long dark red hair, olive skin
Apparent Age: early thirties
Actual Age: 1140s

General Physical Description: Ghet's body is naturally lush but she's in good shape physically. Muscle is visible particularly in her stomach, thighs and arms - long rather than bulky, like a dancer. Her voice is a rich contralto, low for a woman, and she can project it with ease, trained in all the theatrical arts. Her skin and hair are usually well looked after, soft and smooth. The shampoo she uses gives her a soft but very distinctive scent, warm and spicy, like desert air. The main ingredient is ginseng.

In a circle around her navel is a light silver chain tattoo, binding together four alchemical symbols at the cardinal points: mercury for Ghet, phosphorus for Y'Roden, antimony for Chase, and gold for Galain. There is a tattoo of a vixen's head on her left shoulderblade. At the base of her spine is a small gold dragon, crouching, tongue extended. Around her right bicep is a black dragon, marking her honour bond to Akavian Blackthorn. At the top of her inner left thigh is the outline of a dove, the mark of Venus' Blessing. At her right temple is a long streak of silver-white hair, the result of a misguided attempt to heal Y'Roden. From the beginning of Cracked Mirror, an indigo scarab over Ghet's heart marks her soul-bond with Y'Roden. More details can be found on Ghet's site.

Ghet is a competant but not exceptional swordfighter in the Florentine style. She can also use beam weapons such as laser pistols or masers. With the right tools she can provide some level of medical treatment. She speaks 17 languages to different degrees, including Common, S'Hean, and Drow. She also has the ability to sense and project emotions - please see the Mythos section for more details on this. Venus' Blessing gives her the ability to exude a kind of siren effect, not irresistable, but impossible to ignore. She is land-bound to S'Hea and can tap Aethyr to perform magic, though she mostly uses it simply for creation and portals.

Since The Awakening, Ghet has developed a D'Riel conduit.

Trademark Possessions: Ghet sometimes carries two shortswords, the scabbards crossed over her back. She may also carry a medical scanner or a maser, but not often. Since her third marriage, she wears a silver S'Hean armband around her right bicep, and an emerald ring on her left hand. She often wears a white feather that was given to her by Shadow Silverleaf, either in her hair or around her neck.

Family: Ghet is the daughter of Collaine Terrano and (probably) Wilhem Riker, both of whom died of natural causes about a thousand years ago. She's aware that her biological father may be Wilhem's brother Tom, but it makes very little difference to her: Wilhem is her father. She has a sister, Jellhi, from whom she is estranged. She is married to Y'Roden D'riel, and has five children: Marius and Aarien by Galain, and Rhagi, R'Avyen, and Den'Ayat by Y'Roden. She is also very close to Y'Roden's children by Silverthorn.

Temperament: Ghet has suffered a lot of loss and pain in her life, and has a tendency to blame herself for pretty much all of it. From the outside she appears lively, energetic, engaging, and occasionally even stupid. Only her closest friends know how quiet, caring, sad and clever she can be. She is devoted to her husband above everything else, including her children. Under extreme stress she may suffer bouts of insanity, during which she can do incredible damage to the psyches of those around her. She has other areas of weakness, too: she has an absolute terror of rape which can leave her helpless. Despite this, she is a sexual masochist, a drive which she is slowly learning to control. She does have a temper, but she tends to only bother yelling at people she cares about, and her anger burns out very quickly. People for whom she has no regard, she will simply treat with cold politeness. While she's perfectly friendly, she is difficult to really get close to.

Career History: At 17, Ghet entered the Terran Interstellar Fleet and trained in xenobiology and anthropology. She spent several years working in sciences before transferring to the diplomatic corps. At 28, the suicide of a lover drove her to a nervous breakdown, and she took a medical discharge. She entered the isolated community of The People, where her mother was raised, and received training on how to detect, project, and control emotions, something for which she displayed considerable talent. The People sent her out to resolve difficult situations, much as theTerran Interstellar Fleet had. In this fashion, she came to Berelath. Since then, she has worked mainly in the 'customer service' industries. Whatever she's done, she has always been helping other people. She is currently Queen of S'Hea.

Relationships: Two years after her arrival on Berelath, Ghet married Chase Ravenwolfe, a mercenary. It was a relationship in which they gave each other a lot of space to be themselves, two very different people. After nearly six hundred years, Ghet took Y'Roden D'Riel as a lover. Their relationship was passionate and dark, allowing them both to tap into the repressed darker sides of themselves. All this time, however, she maintained what she believed was a hopeless and largely unrequited love for the man she had adopted as her uncle, Galain Alcarin. Eventually, they discovered the feeling was mutual, and briefly became lovers. They bonded after the apparent death of his wife An'Thaya. This bonding led to her divorce from Chase and, after another hundred years, the loss of Y'Roden. She formally married Galain after this, a marriage that lasted thirty-six years, when after much agonising, she divorced him, and married Y'Roden.

Genetic History: Ghet was born mortal, fully human. An accident with a reactor in her 20s left her infertile, and took about twenty years off her life expectancy. After her arrival on Berelath, she was given the Talisman of Time, a necklace that granted her virtual immortality.

A series of incidents involving the demoness Samara led to Ghet killing Y'Roden and drinking his blood. The S'Hean blood is slowly changing her genome, giving her S'Hean characteristics. It also repaired her infertility. She now looks more elven than human. She is land-bound to S'Hea. Spending most of her time in S'Hea's high gravity is gradually making her stronger and more heavily built.

Geth: Geth is Ghet's dragon self. She is NOT an Alcarin dragon, nor did Geth hatch in any conventional sense. She is the result of a magic spell woven into the fabric of a shirt Ghet was given, and magic is inherent to her existence.

Geth is very young, and only really ages when Ghet lets her out. She is the dragon equivalent of about a ten year old child. She is about 12 feet long currently, though she is growing quickly at this age. Her full name is a secret currently known only to Geth. Her personality is completely distinct from Ghet's: they are NOT the same entity. Geth is young and flighty, and therefore often appears stupid and clumsy.

Little-Known Details

- since The Awakening, Ghet is profoundly claustrophobic, but only in very small spaces.

- Most of the time, Ghet wears dresses, usually blue or green. She always wears dresses at home in Windemiire, if she's wearing anything. At Riker's she may occasionally wear jeans.

- Ghet is a very good cook and enjoys cooking, but she hates sewing and cleaning.

- Ghet's eyes go indigo when she's angry or aroused.

- She loves gardening and being surrounded by growing things.

- She hates being cold and loathes snow

- Ghet's soul-merge with Y'Roden means that, basically, everything one of them knows the other one does too. Likewise, she has access to his memories of events she wasn't there for.

- Ghet is actually a very strongly moral person, it's just that her moral code is unique and has very little cross-over with more traditional mores. This can make her sudden flare-ups seem irrational: look for the harm caused by an action and the emotions felt while performing it, rather than any sense of 'right and wrong'.

- Ghet has a rust-coloured Obsidian mare called Ramudi (to shiver with joy). The horse was a gift from her husband after he won her at Audyo Vahnai. She also has a large tail-less orange cat called Mynx that was genetically engineered for her and Y'Roden by their son Rhagi.

 - Ghet's family is a famous one in TIF circles - rather like being a Kennedy. Riker women traditionally never give up their names when they marry, and their children take the Riker name for the kudos it brings. As a result, while Ghet has taken her last two husbands' surnames, she has kept her own as well and will never give it up. Having taken the Alcarin and D'Riel names is a mark of respect and affection seldom realised.

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